My Best Idea Yet?

Ever since I started shooting weddings and events I’ve struggled to find a good way to let everyone know where to find the photos once they’re uploaded. In the past, I would usually email the bride and groom or the main event planner, hoping they would share the link. At one time I did try printing up business-sized cards on plain card stock with the website link, but I often wondered how many of those slips of paper ended up in the garbage. I’ve seen other photographers distribute a sign-up list for people to write in the email addresses, but that just seems like a nightmare to me. Do I really have time to input a 100+ email addresses every wedding??

So, I had kind of given up, but was still frustrated when guests would ask me how they could see the photos. Well, a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a printing company when researching business card ideas–Moo. Yes, like a cow, and yet so much better. That’s when I saw their “mini moo” cards and was inspired with possibly my best idea yet…drum roll please…introducing my Share the Link Cards:

They’re the perfect size and thickness:

And on the back is the website link with password:

To top it off, they come in a sweet box:

So what do you think? As you can see, these are made with Ali and Andrew’s Engagement Photos. Just one more reason I encourage you to take advantage of the engagement session I include with every wedding package.

All that to say, I’m really pleased with Moo’s product, and I can’t wait to use these cards tomorrow at the wedding.

Now, I want to hear your thoughts!

Lisa Piellusch - I like it! Great idea. I have Moo business cards that I got to try out when they had a promo on for smugmug users and I love the quality. I think their quality and the mini’s fit nicely with your idea. 🙂

— Lisa P.

Mary Schwarz - Hi Arthur–you can actually view Moo’s prices here:

I think it’s a great deal for what you get–the product is top notch.

Arthur Scott - cost per hundred?? cost per thousand?? How many do you get and so on?? Enlighten us………..

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