Saying Yes to the Dress | The Year in Wedding Dresses

One of my favorite things about photographing weddings is getting to see so many gorgeous gowns and beautiful designs. I think your wedding dress can really set the tone and style for your wedding, and I love seeing what my brides choose for their weddings. You can signal elegance and grandeur, simplicity and beauty, modern and sleek, or vintage and chic just in the choice of your wedding dress.

Despite having photographed many weddings this year, I can actually say no two dresses were exactly alike! Although there were some similar styles or themes, I found each dress was unique unto itself.

One of my other favorite things is hearing how my brides chose their dresses–was it love at first sight, did they try on 20 before they found the right one, what made them fall in love with the dress they chose? The answers are always interesting and fun to hear!

Since the 2010 wedding season has come to an end, I thought it’d be fun to take one more look at this year’s fabulous wedding dresses. And I’m so looking forward to seeing all the 2011 wedding dresses!

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Alexis - definitely some BEAUTIFUL dresses and brides 🙂 fabulous work Mary!

Emilie - What a lovely post. They all look so beautiful, thanks for sharing Mary.

Jane - Mary, What a gift to us! Thank you for brightening a winter day.

Ashley Wall - All these dresses are simply stunning, not to mention the beautiful brides wearing them! Thank you for this post, I love it!

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