Steelers vs. Ravens | My Take on It

Most people think about the lineup of the players, the strategies of the coaches, and the richness of the rivalry when they hear Steelers versus Ravens. They might remember some sore losses followed by great victories. And of course, everyone knows it’s going to be a good football game when these two great teams lock heads.

But I think of couples I’ve photographed. The ones whose love must really be genuine if it’s withstood the test of this famous rivalry. I think of Brooke and Jon (hi Brooke, hi Jon!) and Laura and James (hi Laura, hi James!). I think about how no matter the outcome…someone is going to be disappointed, and someone is going to be ecstatic. But it’s OK, Brooke and Laura, maybe the Ravens will have better luck next year?


Clearly the Steelers have the upper hand. But see, they still love each other!
steelers vs. ravens rivalry

Or not??

Digital Backround Gal - Cute photos…Although I have to say Yay for the Steelers!LOL

brooke - Thanks for the shout out Mary!


Kim - genius! love it!! Oh and GO STEELERS!! 😉

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