Wedding Shoe Inspiration | Fashionable Heels, Bright Colors, and Classic Styles

My life is torn by two competing desires:

1. The desire to have cute shoes.
2. The desire not to break the bank by having cute shoes.

This means I often spend multiple shopping trips and wait weeks and months to find the right shoe for the right price. But when it came to finding my wedding shoes, I must admit I was a complete failure. I waited to buy them until I was studying abroad in Russia the summer before I got married. Not a good idea, unless you want to pay ridiculous prices for expensive imported shoes or settle for some cheap European looking sandal-like contraption. I probably would have fared better if I’d considered getting something that wasn’t white. But I was ignorant and uncreative and assumed my wedding shoes must be white.

Fortunately, I’ve wizened up since then. Wedding shoes can be any color you want them to be! In fact, I really love how brides can incorporate some of their wedding colors into their ensemble with a brightly colored pair of shoes. And if you prefer classic white, you’ve still got a lot of lovely options. Here are just a few favorite wedding shoes from this past year. Be inspired and be creative with your wedding shoes!

blue wedding shoes

Sarah - Perfect pictures Mary! Great blog

natalie - Pretty! Perfect timing Mary… I just started the search for mine 🙂

Emilie - LOVE doesn’t even describe my thoughts on this post! I love shoes too and who doesn’t love the ability to pull color into the mix. BTW I’m in search of a pair of fabulous yet comfy blue flats…..any suggestions??

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