Monthly Archives: February 2011

Top 20 Placement in the ISPWP Winter 2010 Photo Contest

Once again, I’m excited to share that I received a top 20 placement in the ISPWP’s quarterly photo contestsSee more »

Ten Things I’m Learning from Pottery Class

At the invitation of my friend, Milla, I signed up for a pottery class this winter at the Pittsburgh Center for the ArtsSee more »

Let Them Eat Cake…or Cupcakes | Sweet and Tasty Wedding Options

Central to any good dinner party–weddings included–is something sweet and tasty to eat. I can’t thinkSee more »

Enjoying Pittsburgh Artists | Donora Concert

It was a usual editing day for me–fingers flying in Lightroom, Pandora playing in the background, wedding photosSee more »

Dating Your {future} Husband | Words of Wisdom from a Bride

I was looking through some old files yesterday and came across the answers from my wedding planning survey I put outSee more »

When Photographers Have Their Own Photo Session

Normally, photographers prefer to stay behind the camera. But occasionally, the call for updated website headshots andSee more »