Back from Alaska

I’m back from the 49th state, the beautiful land of Alaska, after a busy week of learning (and of course a little sight-seeing, too). In the short week I was there, I felt I grasped a small understanding of Alaskan culture. For instance, everyone’s an outsider–literally–if you come from the lower 48 (or Anchorage!), you’re from “outside.” Dirt paths parallel the highways for easy four wheeler commuting. You don’t drive a car but a “rig.” And no matter where you go, everyone is proud to show you their state.

But aside from enjoying some Alaskan culture, the main focus of my trip was learning some better practices for running my business. Our teacher was Melissa Laggis, who runs a successful studio in Wasilla and is incredibly helpful in sharing what works for her. I’m looking forward to purposeful growth for my own business.

On our last day in Alaska, Milla and did a little sight-seeing along the coast. I have more photos to share, but here is a quick one Milla took of me with her phone.

Ashley - I have heard that Alaska is a lot like Texas in that the people are proud and friendly and that there is a different feel to their culture! And the weather is almost exactly the same…wait…scratch that last part!

Glad you had a great time!

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