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Supporting Small Businesses | Moop Bags

I realize this is a little bit of a diversion from photography, but I wanted to give a shout out to a local smallSee more »

Mid-Summer and Fall Wedding Dresses | Real Wedding Style

Has Thanksgiving really come and gone? Is it really almost December?? Did I really not blog last week? Yes, yes, and yesSee more »

Georgetown Engagement Photography | Dawn and Adrian

Before the weather turned nasty and we lost all the fall leaves, I met up with Dawn and Adrian in one of their favoriteSee more »

Purple and Teal Wedding Details | Real Wedding Style

Coordinating colors to create the right look for your wedding can be a challenge.See more »

Misty Morning at the National Arboretum

There’s nothing like a misty morning to contemplate deep thoughts and muse about life with a good friend.See more »

The Groom’s Attire | Menswear for Weddings

While the white dress usually garners the most attention on the wedding day, we shouldn’t forget about theSee more »