Altoona Wedding Photography | Michelle and Ryan

Michelle and Ryan both grew up in Altoona, PA, but ironically, they didn’t meet until they both moved to the DC area. And while their lives are now settled here, they celebrated their marriage with family and friends “back home” in small-town Altoona.

If you spend any time with Michelle and Ryan, you will quickly see how much they enjoy joking and having fun together. Their sense of humor definitely came in handy when Ryan broke his ankle during a training exercise just a couple weeks before the wedding. I think most brides would probably freak out if their groom suddenly lost the ability to walk days before the wedding, but Michelle took it all in stride, so to speak. And Ryan–he is one tough guy (well, duh, he’s a U.S Marine and has a pretty amazing job). Despite being in a lot of pain, he made the best of the situation and didn’t let it stop him from dancing with his bride. A big congratulations to Michelle and Ryan! You are both amazing people.

Here are just a few of my favorite moments from their day. Special thanks to Andrea for photographing with me. And be sure to check out Michelle and Ryan’s incredible wedding movie by Syncopated Pictures.

Michelle Morning - Mary we love love love all of the photos!!! You did such a great job and we are so thankful!!!

Beth Insalaco - I agree with Leeann! That makes the day so memorable with lots of fun stories to tell. What an awesome couple. Great job, Mary!

Leeann Marie - Hey, I think the scooter is pretty Saweeeeetttt!

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