Documentary Family Photography | Crystalyn’s Family

While I was visiting my own family in Texas back in June, I had the pleasure of spending a morning photographing one of my friend’s families. Crystalyn and I were on the same team at Foundation Workshop, so we both share a love for real, authentic photography and a lot of memories from that intense week of learning. It was such an honor to capture a morning in the life of her family.

Now that I view life through “mommy lenses,” I have a whole new appreciation for parents of small children. Crystalyn and her husband have created a wonderful home for their kids–here are just a few of my favorite moments of their day together.

Sherry - I love all of these! Everyday life is what family is all about and these pics show it perfectly Mary! Crystalyn, what a beautiful family you have! And you look gorgeous with your new haircut!

Milla - These are absolutely beautiful, Mary. Wow! What precious moments and wonderful interactions. Great job!

Crystalyn - Mary – my favorite parts of my parenting journey have been the little everyday moments. Family mealtime, bedtime, playing, the hugs, kisses and even some of the fits. They’re what has made us who we are together, and your pictures capture us beautifully for me. An ordinary every day morning — something I wish to remember always. And now I can. There aren’t words enough to express how much these images mean to me. Thank you, thank you!

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