Half-Way Through | Harriet is 6 Months Old

We are now officially in the “can this baby get any cuter??” stage. Each day I’m amazed to see what new trick Harriet has learned. It seems like once she turned six months, everything just clicked and she started crawling, standing up, and basically getting into everything.

While I didn’t do a formal photo session for her six months (she’s now almost seven!), I did take some photos of her around the house and at the park. She thoroughly enjoyed her first ride on the swing, as you can see. It’s incredible to look back and see how much she’s grown in just these first six months. I really do wish I could press a pause button and hold onto these fun days a bit longer. I guess that’s what these photos are for. 🙂

Nancy Schwarz - Poor Astin.

nancy schwarz - What a precious little doll. I’m overwhelmed. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

Milla - Oh my goodness Mary it’s SO EXCITING to see a Harriet post! Wow, what a precious little girl she has become… a tiny newborn no longer! Keep the photos coming. Happy 6 months sweet Harriet!

Sherry - These are so freaking cute! Harriet is one sweet and totally adorable little girl! I think I need to see you guys sometime soon because she is getting so big so fast! Miss you all!

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