An Anytime Session | Milla and Brad

“Congratulations!” A stranger passing by yells, ducking into the shadows of hanging nicknacks and touristy wares from the shop. I laugh at first because the couple I’m photographing aren’t taking photos on their wedding day or celebrating a recent engagement. In fact, they’ve been married for nine years. But the man doesn’t know that–he simply sees a couple in love.

And then I quickly realize that they of all people should be congratulated. You see, it’s one thing to get married–to make a commitment to love and faithfully care for another–it’s quite another to live that out. The former is full of excitement and anticipation, the latter is more staid and sometimes mundane. It’s all those in between moments that build the legacy of love in a marriage.

We often celebrate the milestones and highlights in life–but I think we should also recognize the sweetness of day-in, day-out devotion. That’s one reason why I so enjoyed photographing my friends Milla and Brad one afternoon a couple weeks ago when I was in Pittsburgh. It was an average afternoon–no fanfare or flowers–just a beautiful, ordinary day. And the dogs of course. You can’t forget Tuco and Turk!

Congratulations Milla and Brad. You deserve it.

Caryn - Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!

Milla - Mary thank you thank you thank you. You have such an amazing way of capturing things creatively and naturally. They feel just like “us” – so, thank you for your friendship and for once again providing us with amazing photos that I will cherish forever. Love!!

Sherry - HOLY COW! These are so amazing Mary! I absolutely LOVE them all! And Milla you look gorgeous, love the new hairdo! Really just WOW!!!

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