Family Vacation at Chincoteague

Like any young girl with a craze for horses, I read all the Marguerite Henry books I could get my hands on at the library, including Misty of Chincoteague. So when we planned our first family vacation for the three of us to Chincoteague Island in Virginia last month, I couldn’t be more excited. However, as is often the case…ideas don’t meet reality.

Someone forgot to tell me that vacation with a 7-month old isn’t exactly vacation. Or that the picturesque horsey island is also home to 30 million mosquitoes. Despite the reality check, we did enjoy some yummy eats and introducing Harriet to the beach. And I learned a valuable fact about myself: I could never make it as a nature photographer.

So all in all, we had a great first family vacation, and I look forward to sharing many more memories together.

My attempt at nature photography.

I was clearly not prepared like these guys were. For starters, I didn’t have the hat.

This is more my style–people.

She was so excited…

And then reality…the water was pretty cold.

Milla - OH my goodness I love when you post on your blog!!! How funny!! I love the hat comment. And Harriet, wow she is precious. I can’t wait to see her soon!

Emilie - Harriet’s before and after water face is too precious. I’m glad she loved the beach.

I am obviously no expert but I think the first photo is beautiful, who says you can be a nature photographer.

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