Maryland Family Photography | Priscilla is One

“P” is for Priscilla and for personality–because this little girl has a lot of it! I recently photographed Priscilla and her family in honor of her (parents) making it to one year. And believe me, this is definitely an event worth celebrating and documenting!

Until I had my own baby, I never realized just how much work they are! Now when I see other babies and children, I not only see a bundle of cuteness but also many, many long hours of care and love from their parents. In the midst of baby rearing, it’s easy to forget all the sweet little moments, especially because babies change and grow so quickly. And while you’re proud to see your baby growing up–a part of you wants to just hold and snuggle them forever as they are. So I hope these photos are a precious keepsake for Priscilla and her mom and dad. Congratulations to them all on Priscilla’s first birthday.

Here are just a few favorites from their day.

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