Pumpkin Patch Baby Photos | Harriet is 9 Months Old

This past weekend my sweet mother-in-law came into town to visit us…well, I think mainly she came to see Harriet. And who could blame her? Harriet is only too glad for the extra attention, and she’s just so cute right now–if I must say so myself. It was also my birthday, so I took advantage of the extra help and headed out to the local pumpkin patch (Queen Anne Farm) for some classic fall photos for Harriet.

Yes, I am officially one of those parents dragging their kid around a farm and plopping them in front of squashes for pictures. But hey, let’s admit it–kids and over-sized vegetables are cute. Besides, this also doubled as Harriet’s nine-month photo shoot, which is hard to believe is here already. As my mother-in-law says, the days may seem long at this stage, but the months and years fly by.

So I leave you with some cute baby photos. Enjoy the weekend!

Also, a side note…Harriet was Miss Fussypants when we first arrived at the farm, but after a tasty lunch she finally perked up. I bet you can see the difference in the photos. The rest of the pictures are bonus ones from Nana’s visit.

Emilie - I may be biased but I think pumpkins make for wonderful pictures and family outings. Glad to see she eventually enjoyed it.

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