Monthly Archives: November 2015

Maryland Family Photography | Alexander’s Family

Now this little guy is an explorer! I recently enjoyed chasing after him with my camera as he found sticks and otherSee more »

DC Fall Family Pictures | The “M” Family

This has been such a fun season of family photos. I love taking pictures of babies, but it’s also nice to haveSee more »

DC Family Photography | Calder and Family

Maybe it’s because this little guy is about the same age as my little boy, or maybe it’s his pearly whitesSee more »

National Arboretum Family Photos | The “S” Family

This has been a delightful fall in DC, with beautiful weather and lovely trees.  Add in some great families toSee more »

DC Fall Family Photos | Hope’s Family

I often have parents tell me “Every picture I try to take of my kid is blurry!” As a mother of two littleSee more »

DC Senior Portrait | Ashli

While I mostly photograph little ones and their families, I do enjoy the occasional change of photographing a bit “See more »