Pittsburgh Engagement Photos for Heather and Dave

On one of the sunny days last week, I met up with Heather and Dave at the lovely Hartwood Acres for the engagement pictures. Heather and Dave are actually getting married in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011, but as newer “transplants” to Pittsburgh, they wanted to get their engagement photos done here. Plus, it’s hard to beat the fall in Pittsburgh (if the weather cooperates!).

I had a lot of fun getting to hang out with these two, who both met at the University of South Carolina (and are both uber smart…hello chemical engineering!). And with Heather being a “Southern gal,” I didn’t have to explain my use of the word “y’all.” Sweet!

Pittsburgh engagement photos

Wow…you two are hot!
Pittsburgh engagement photo

Pittsburgh engagement photo

Pittsburgh engagement photo

Pittsburgh engagement photo

Pittsburgh engagement photo

Ooh…a favorite…but I really have lots of favorites…
Hartwood Acres engagement photo

Heather and Dave changed outfits…and I must say I love Dave’s pink shirt! And Heather matched it so well with her charcoal gray sweater–perfect.
Pittsburgh engagement photo

Pittsburgh engagement photo

Pittsburgh engagement photo

Pittsburgh engagement photo

Pittsburgh engagement photo

Pittsburgh engagement photo

Pittsburgh engagement photo

Heather, did I mention this already? You are beautiful!

OK, I have to say I love EVERYTHING about this photo! It really makes me smile.

And we had to get photos in front of this gorgeous tree.

Thanks guys, and I wish you happy wedding planning!

Jennifer - Gorgeous photos! I really need to get over to Hartwood Acres soon. I want to take some pics of my girls there. We might want some photos done as a family..perhaps Sept or October.. would love to contact you to set something up!!?

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Ashley Parsons - WOW! I LOVE THESE PICTURES!! (MY FAVORITE IS THE ONE OF THE TREE BARN AND FENCE ON THE LEFT!) You just recently did my cousin Brads wedding and ive been looking at your site ever since. I LOVE THE WORK THAT YOU DO! I would love to be this good some day!!

Laura Hasty - Heather and Dave you guys look beautiful in every single shot! What a beautiful setting and day. Great photography. I love them all!!

Heather - Thank you so much Mary! these turned out wonderful! You are such an amazing photographer. I wish I could steal you and have you hop on a flight to Atlanta….

Allie Burrow - OMG Heather these are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys look amazing!!!!!

Donna McKerrow - OMG! EVERY single one is amazing! Just gorgeous people and places! Mary you captured them perfectly. 🙂

Lauren McManus - GORGEOUS PICS GUYS! I love and miss you both!! =)

Great Hall Pittsburgh Wedding | Leeanna and Jeff

What can I say? After having a blast photographing Leeanna and Jeff’s engagement session in June, I knew their wedding would be super fun. I am absolutely in love with the way these two people love each other…seriously. Jeff is so considerate of Leeanna, and she him. They are always making each other laugh, and I don’t think anything could have ruined their wedding day.

Not even the rain!

Leeanna and Jeff held both their ceremony and reception at Pittsburgh’s Great Hall, and they decided to see each other before the ceremony to take photos ahead of time. It was a good thing because right as we finished it started to drizzle! After a beautiful ceremony, they spent the evening laughing, dancing, and enjoying the company of their guests. Leeanna and Jeff–many thanks for letting me share in the story of your day!

pittsburgh wedding photo

bride getting ready

bride getting ready

pittsburgh wedding photo

We didn’t plan any dramatic first look–Leeanna and Jeff just had an impromptu one as they finished getting ready. I just love the authenticity of this moment.
first look photo

We went to a nearby park for some group shots…and this was one fun group! (Jay captured this photo)

Leeanna–you are stunning! And Jeff–you’re handsome!

Definitely one of my favorites…

Love this, too.

This shot was taken by Jay…

The best man had everyone laughing with his toast…

Things started innocently with the cake cutting…

But they didn’t end that way…

TRS - Really great pictures! LOVE the cake shot with the napkin in mid-air! Sweet capture!!!

Judy Jim - You look gorgeous!!
Seriously, both of you!! These are incredible photo’s~~~!


Andy Shissler - I was privileged to be there providing the music for this beauiful ceremony with Jeff’s brother, and I HAVE to say… I know Jeff and Leeanna very well, and you actually managed to capture their PERSONALITIES in these pictures, which just astounds me!

Beautiful, beautiful work!

Jessica - I love the first one with the umbrella! Perfect! What a beautiful wedding.

Lisa - LOVE it! Really, Mary amazing shots! The buckling her shoe, kissing under the umbrella, and the formal with her in focus and him out of focus are probably my favorites, but it’s hard to choose a favorite!

Milla - WOAH look at that chocolate cake!! I want some!! Beautiful job as usual Mary…

Hartwood Acres Engagement Pictures | Lindsay and Aaron

On a chilly day last week, I joined Lindsay and Aaron at Hartwood Acres just north of Pittsburgh for their engagement photos. Though, you wouldn’t have known it was hovering in the 40s and 50s from their photos! These two have so much fun together, and their warmth and love for each other shines through in their pictures. Ok, that’s a bit sappy-sounding–but I think it’s true!

I love the story of how Lindsay and Aaron met: they were both working for Target at the time, and they happened to be on the same flight for a business trip. Yes, you guessed it–they sat next to each other and really hit it off. Lindsay jokes, though, that there will be no red bullseyes at the wedding! (Aw come on, you don’t want to have red and khaki as your theme?)

Really, I had so much fun with them, and I am very much looking forward to their wedding next October. Let’s hope it’s a bit warmer, though!

I loved their outfits…so cute and complimentary!

These two are total hotties!

Just moments before this shot, poor Aaron got a little zap from the electric fence. Both Lindsay and I thought he was joking when he yelped in shock. Turns out, it was no joke. (sorry about that!)

Yes! This shot has become a famous one for me–all thanks to Amanda and Tim.

Lindsay told me that she and Aaron had been working out a lot to get in better shape (as if they needed to). Well, check out Aaron’s arms, Lindsay! Now that’s what I call a bicep!

Oh my goodness, I love everything about this photo!

You see, don’t be fooled by their short sleeves…it was VERY cold…hence the blanket in between breaks!

Beautiful! (I also must admit I’m a bit jealous of Lindsay’s bangs…I had bangs growing up–mine were nowhere near as cute as hers. In fact, I try to hide all of those photos…)

Now that’s what I call a FALL tree…

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Hayley Johnson - What a cute couple! Your photos are stunning!

Milla - Beautiful job, Mary! You make the location fresh every time… (and I LOVE that fall tree!)