Susie and Nick | Pittsburgh Engagement Pictures

I’m always delighted to hear when any of my brides-to-be read my blog (and even those that have already tied the knot!), as it’s nice to know I’m not writing to a void, and I like to think my blog can give brides some inspiration for their own weddings. That was the case with Susie–she had seen my recent trash the dress session, which was done in Pittsburgh’s Frick Park, and she fell in love with the place.

So, Susie scoped the park out for herself, and on Tuesday I met up with her and Nick for their engagement photos. Despite the cloudy weather, we had a blast! They told me about how they met–he was a cook, she a waitress–and how it took a mutual friend to actually get them together. Lastly, we went up to Regent Square–just a little neighborhood near the park–for some “urban” shots. Susie and Nick, I can’t hardly wait for your wedding next year!

Susie picked perfect colors to coordinate with the fall foliage.

Ha, this is Nick’s “favorite pose.” Love it!

Susie, can you get any cuter???

I love it when couples can joke around with each other.

I actually take my dog to Frick Park a lot, but I’d never noticed this little cliff. Funny the things you can walk right by everyday…

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Lisa - Wow!!! Love this posts, well I love all your posts, but these feel really good… natural, fun, gutsy– like the shot in traffic and the wide one with all the foliage, you rock. –Lisa

Anonymous - omg could my aunt and soon uncle to be look any more perfect together????


Jackie D. - Absolutely beautiful work!!! These pictures are just breathtaking…GREAT WORK!!! I will definatly keep you in mind for the future!

Grant and Andrew | Pittsburgh Child Photographer

As I’m writing this post, I just can’t believe how quickly time has flown! Last year I photographed a wonderful family in Sewickley, and this past Sunday I met up with them again for this year’s family session. And my, how the boys have grown! Grant was just a wiggly three-year-old then…and now he’s a big four-year-old-bike-riding boy. As for Andrew–wow! Last year he was just a cute wide-eyed baby..and now he’s toddling around after his big brother.

To show you the difference, I have to post a photo from last year (pre-blog days):

And now for this year’s photos–while we didn’t have quite the same sunny weather, I think we had a lot of fun.

Such a big boy.

Hello cutie! Gone is that baby face…well..mostly:)

Cute family!

Ha, I love this look he’s giving me here…such a flirter!

And we can’t forget the dog!

Love this…

See you next year!

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Jessica - I love the last photo! They are all so cute, great work!

Carlyn and Brian | Pittsburgh Engagement Pictures

Finally, after weeks of rescheduling due to rainy weather, I got to shoot Carlyn and Brian’s engagement session in Sewickley last Thursday. I think it was worth the wait!

Carlyn and Brian chose a lovely location for their engagement photos–Sewickley Heights Borough Park–which had a fun “country” feel to it. I know I say this all the time, but I just love doing engagement sessions because I get to know my clients a bit better. I must say though, that I’d already spent several hours chatting with Carlyn before the session when we had first sat down and met. Ah, I must say she’s a girl after my own heart! I mean, she reads the the Pioneer Woman blog for crying out loud! Sorry, yes, I must admit I’ve wasted some time on that site before…

Anyway, it was such a pleasure to finally get to meet Brian. I couldn’t get over just how much he loves Carlyn…it’s the sweetest thing. Thanks guys for being so much fun to hang out with!

Speaking of Pioneer Woman, check out Carlyn’s gorgeous red hair! I’m jealous.

Carlyn, you are BEAUTIFUL. Oh those blue eyes!

Brian, you are too! (handsome, that is)

Carlyn and Brian met on the swim team in college…here’s a little weight room reenactment.

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Anonymous - I love these!! Very handsome couple!!!

Milla - OOohhh that first picture is my favorite! What a great capture… I love the look on her face. Beautiful Mary!

It’s my Birthday!

Although it happens every year, I kind of feel like my birthday really creeped up on me this time. Perhaps it has something to do with it falling on a Monday. Shouldn’t birthdays on Mondays be banned?

It was quite fun to receive a bunch of cards in the mail this afternoon. I love getting cards–it’s so “old-fashioned” but such a treat. I know whoever sent me the card had to take some time to buy it, write in it, and lop some postage on it and stick it in the mail to me. And I’m always amazed by how they get it to me on time.

Indeed, I have much to be thankful for as I reflect on the 25 years God has given me. I hope to have many more birthdays to share with family and friends…and I’m glad the next few won’t be on a Monday :).

Jay - Happy Birthday Sweetie!…A day late!

Kara - it's like you italicized "on time" just for me… :( i'm gonna claim swine flu for my excuse; and it does creep up on you!! this whole "october" thing crept up on me.

Milla - HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! So fun… hope you had a great day and didn't work! :)