Pittsburgh Engagement Photos for Laura and Jon

Despite the very cold weather last week, I actually had several portrait shoots.  I met with Laura and Jon on the Northside of Pittsburgh in the Mexican War Streets.  From there we meandered over to West View Park, and later we drove down to the river front by Heinz Field.  Occasionally we caught glimpses of the sun, but for the most part it was pretty chilly.

Laura and Jon are planning a destination wedding in Puerto Rico next year…and unfortunately it’s on a day I already have booked.  Still, they wanted to get engagement photos done here in Pittsburgh, and so I’m glad we got to meet up and get some photos.  I am sure their wedding will be MUCH warmer! (Note: I’m still working on getting my new watermark to work…so it’s a bit all over the place!)

Pittsburgh Engagement Photo

I love the trees and the gate in this shot.

A little fun here…

Love this.

Pittsburgh has such a nice downtown…

Definitely a fave… (but it does look cold!)

Laura Tuten - Mary, I love them! I can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you so much!


A Pittsburgh Wedding Photography Blog

I am so excited to unveil my new blog today.  The Old Blog served its purpose,  but I couldn’t stand how slow it would load. Plus, trying to edit the blogger interface to match my new look just seemed like too much of a headache for me.

So, I hope all my old blog readers have found their way here, and I can’t wait to continue blogging my recent photography shoots. I’ve got some fun portrait sessions to show you!

Also, stay tuned for some more tweaks to the blog in the coming weeks!

EDIT: I realized I had sung the praises of my graphic designer, David Crawford; on my old blog, but I had failed to mention him here.  Needless to say, I am more than pleased with the work he did, and I think my new logo represents my photography style perfectly: simple, elegant, and beautiful.  Thanks David for your dedication to creating perfection!

Laura - Mary -I LOVE the new logo and the new blog. AWESOME job!

marfa - Ooo, pretty!

Milla - OH MY GOODNESS I am so excited for you Mary! This looks so nice – I totally love the colors and logo, etc. What a wonderful job (after lots of hard work, I’m sure!!) Looks great!

Jessica - I love the new look! I also love your work, you are a fabulous photographer.

Kara - Great new look! Smooth and elegant, and the colors match my bedroom’s colors, so I think they’re great!

Helen Shaver - My daughter! I’m so proud of her! Your new look is lovely!

Lisa Piellusch - Congrats on your new look 🙂 Looking forward to continuing to follow you over here!

Pittsburgh Child Photography | Kasey and Brady

After seeing these cute boys’ photos, Kasey and Brady’s mom contacted me for their own family portrait.

And what a fun family they are! The boys are precious; Kasey being quite the ham for the camera, and Brady being just a cutie! Thanks guys for having me out!

Check out this awesome climbing wall on their swing set.

I love this shot of all of them…

Kids and pumpkins–can you get any cuter?


Drat…almost got everyone to look at me. 🙂

Ha, I love Kasey’s pirate face and that Brady is chomping down on a leaf…

Oh my, those beautiful eyes!

Totally cute family! Fun, fun, fun!

David Dunton - Gorgeous photos, Mary. I love the one with the little kiddo and the pumpkins.

Kristin and Lee | Pittsburgh Engagement Photography

On Sunday, the lovely weather continued, and I had a great time shooting Kristin and Lee’s engagement session around Phipp’s Conservatory and Schenley Park in Pittsburgh.

Kristin and Lee actually knew each other growing up–their families being friends with each other. But it wasn’t until they both moved to San Diego for separate reasons that things grew beyond just family friends. I love how life is funny like that.

They chose to do their engagement pictures around Phipp’s because they will be having their reception there in January–and by then things may be a bit too cold for nice outdoor photos. Something about snow and high heels not meshing well together.

Cold weather or not, I’m looking forward to their wedding–it should be beautiful!

They liked the tree photo they had seen earlier on my blog…I like it too.

Kristin and Lee–you are both way cute!

Love this.

And this.

A little fun…

See you two soon!

Meghan Banach - LOVE the pictures – what a gorgeous sis and bro-in-law we have!! My favorite is the one of the two of them sitting on the steps – gorgeous!! I also love the silly ones – because they are silly people!

Eryn Tornabene - These pictures are AMAZING!!! Captured Lee and Kristin perfectly…cannot wait to see the wedding pictures!!!

Angie - Mary! Those are awesome! You are very talented!