Sweet! I won 2nd Place!

On Monday I entered into one of I ♥ Faces contest entries. As it was my first time to enter their contests, I was extremely excited to see my photo won 2nd place out of over 560 entries! Cool!

And the photo again (thanks Amanda and Tim!):

See more winning entries here.

David Dunton - Congratulations! See, I told you you were good.

Laura Stiller - Mary! Congratulations. That's awesome. I follow I Heart Faces – so I'm so excited you won. Great job!

Linda - I'm not surprised at all :-) All of your photos could win contests!

Life with Kaishon - I am really happy for you! I don't always leave a million comments like this. Unless I REALLY love the pictures I am seeing. And I do!

Lisa Piellusch - Congratulations! :)

Amanda - AWESOME! Congratulations!

Milla - MARY!! Awesome!! This photo is blue in so many ways… LOVE it.

April and Brian | Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

Sometimes for various reasons I’m not able to meet both the bride and groom before the wedding. This was the case for April and Brian, though I did get to sit down with April several times before their wedding. From those chats, I knew April thought the world of Brian. So, it was especially fun to get to see on their wedding day how much Brian loves April, too.

The day started off at the Radisson Hotel in Greentree where April and Brian both got ready. Their ceremony was held at the gorgeous St. Bernard Parish Church in Mt. Lebanon, and later they returned to the Radisson for a wonderful reception of dinner and dancing. It was truly a pleasure to photograph their great families and friends.

April and her mom used this technique to hold back the tears…so cute!

My view…

Jay’s view…love it.

What a beautiful church!

Love this shot Jay captured…

The guys.

OK, I totally didn’t tell them to do this…but they though leap frog would be fun…

The girls.

I love it when couples can be goofy with each other.


Ha, I love April’s pose!

Again, no direction from me…love it!

April strikes another pose…

I love toasts! The stories you get to hear are great!

Love this moment when they’re getting ready to leave…

Congratulations April and Brian!

April and Brian’s Wedding Album » Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers | Birchtree Photography Blog - […] April and Brian’s beautiful wedding album came in a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. I loved how the silk fabric cover April chose complimented so well with her wedding colors. She also chose the Flush Mount Wedding Album style, which I definitely recommend. It’s perfect for telling the story of your wedding day. If you’re a bride out there who’s still undecided on your album choice, you should seriously consider the Flush Mount Album. […]

Mike - Amazing photo’s! I vote for April and Brian!

Sue - I vote for April and Brian – the pictures were gorgeous!

schlieper - April and Brian

Donna - My vote is for April and Brian

Debbie - I vote for April and Brian

wzl - April finally sent us the link with all the pictures. You did such an awesome job, and we had so much fun that day!

Milla - Beautiful job Mary! That church is AMAZING! And, where did you take the portraits with the waterfall and everything? Beautiful!

Life with Kaishon - The pictures with her mom made me cry. They are SO beautiful! I just love them! What a gorgeous church too! WOW! So fantastic. What a special day!

Behind the Shot

Although I forgot last Thursday to take photos of the group during the workshop, an attendee (Rob) managed to grab a couple of photos of me while I was working. I thought I’d share them (I hope that’s OK Rob!) to help folks see what I was doing behind the shot.

You see? One of my many skills as a photographer–walking backwards and shooting. I just know one of these days I’m going to totally biff it.

What I was doing…

And the shot…

Seems pretty safe.

Now see? I’m not afraid to get a bit dirty, too.

The shot.

Hopefully that will inspire you to go for some different angles when you’re taking photos.

Life with Kaishon - Workshop?!?!??! I want to come to a workshop!

David Dunton - Great decision to show the setup and the resulting shot. Helps explain to people what's happening when they see us photogs get into all kinds of weird positions.

Looks like you're sporting the Black Rapid Double Strap (linked for those who want to know more). I'd be very interested if you would do a gear list post with your thoughts on what you have, or even better, individual gear reviews. Who else would like to read Mary's opinions?

As always, Mary, keep up the good work.

A Jelly Donut and a Swan

You’re probably scratching your head over the title of this post. I’ll explain. You see, this is how Astin has been spending most of his day:

Jay and I call that his “jelly donut” pose. Don’t ask me how he breathes or how it can possibly smell good…but he loves curling up like that.

Another favorite of his is the “swan” position.

I guess his rump makes as good of a pillow as any…

“I am so not amused.”

As you can see, he’s had a rough day.

Pathetic, really.

Pittsburgh Engagement Pictures | Leslie and Nick - […] the humane society, and he is definitely their baby. I’m kind of partial to mutts, having a goofy one myself, but I really love dogs of all walks of life. No pun intended… After having some fun […]

Life with Kaishon - Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. Your dog is adorable! Great pictures. SO fun! My Grandma lived in Clarion and whenever we would go to visit we would take a trip to Pittsburgh! We thought it was a HUGE city : ).