I Love Horses…and Rocks?

It’s true. Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved horses.

I opened a savings account when I was four so I could save my money to buy one.

I’ve always thought I should have been born when people used horses for transportation (on second thought, I really do like air conditioning and indoor plumbing).

I ran around on my hands and knees like a horse until I was way too old to be doing so.

And growing up (in Texas), I never understood why it seemed everyone and their brother had a horse, or had a cousin who had a horse, or had a neighbor who raised horses…except me! And they never seemed impressed by the fact that they got to ride horses. The conversation usually went like this:
Them: “Yeah, we had four horses growing up. Had to ride them everyday.”
Me: “What? You had four horses? That’s awesome!”
Them: “Uh, yeah, I guess so.”

And the sad thing is, I still love horses (and I still ask for one every birthday and Christmas). Unfortunately, horses cost a lot more to keep than cameras. So, my wish to own a horse has yet to be granted…I’m still holding out though (Jay, pretty please?).

Since I don’t have a horse right now nor plan on getting one soon, I try to get my fix in other ways. Naturally, I couldn’t escape the siren-like call of this poster on the Carnegie Museum of Natural History that I spotted several months ago.

So, finally today I went with my friend Anita to see the exhibit.

Unfortunately, they did not allow me to take any pictures of the horse exhibit. But, that’s OK, because I took plenty others of the interesting rock and dinosaur displays.

You can see the actual paleontologists hard at work from inside the museum.

Mmmm…pretty green.

Snow cone anyone?

This rock was having a bad hair day:

Some of them even glow in the dark.

Martha, this one’s for you.

The variety of colors was amazing.

Yeah, it almost hurt my neck to take this photo as much as it does yours to look at it.

I wanted to capture just how ridiculously long this dinosaur’s tail was.

Jurassic Park.

I have no idea what this was, but I thought it looked interesting.

Awkward hold-the-camera-and-take-a-picture-photo.

Thanks Anita for going with me!

martha - Cool photos! I'll keep my eyes peeled for glow-in-the-dark rocks now.

Shady Side Academy Graduation

This past Friday I attended Shady Side Academy’s commencement exercises for the class of 2009 as a guest of my dear friend Anita, whose daughter, Justine, was graduating. (For those of you who are not from the Pittsburgh area, Shady Side Academy is a renowned and well-respected school in the area that offers a world-class elementary through high school education).

Anita and I became friends while serving together as children’s leaders in a local Bible study, Bible Study Fellowship. As an FYI, if you are looking for a good Bible study, I would highly recommend checking out a local BSF class.

I met Justine last fall when I took her senior pictures (again, pre-blog days, so I’ll share a few). She is such an amazing, hard-working, and talented girl. I am sure she will achieve whatever she sets out to do. I think what is most endearing, though, is her humility and desire to serve God. Anita and her husband have definitely raised their children well!

It was pouring down outside when I took her senior pictures, but Anita’s house has some excellent architecture that worked well for the shoot.

And here’s one of her and her mom.

For the ceremony, the girls wore white dresses and the guys wore blazers.

The graduation address was given by Shady Side Academy graduate and Harvard Professor Jonathan Zittrain.

No hats, so they threw their programs into the air:

They had these amazing cakes at the reception–that’s a solid piece of chocolate you’re looking at.

Proud family.

Congratulations Justine!

Crystal and Martin’s Wedding–5/29/09

How can I begin to describe Crystal and Martin’s fabulously fun wedding? To begin with, these two are so sweet and considerate–I love my clients! They are obviously very much in love with each other, and I truly enjoyed capturing their wedding celebration.

The ceremony was held at St. Sylvester’s Church in Brentwood, and as Crystal described it, it has one of the longest center aisles in Pittsburgh. She chose this church because of the beautiful architecture–both inside and outside (I loved the steps out front!).

After some fun “formal” church pictures, we headed to South Park for some very lovely photos. Crystal and Martin had timed their wedding perfectly, so when we arrived at the park, we had the lovely sunset light that just makes everything look romantic.

Then we were off to the Georgetown Centre to get the party started! This was a lovely venue, with a nice skylight over the dance floor, and Crystal’s color theme of black, white and pink coordinated well with the decor. Enough of me writing–let’s see some photos!

Crystal’s excitement was contagious.

This little ring bearer was quite the ham.

I love first looks.

These steps were great for group shots.

When doing formal shots, I often tell the group to “talk amongst yourselves” to get a more relaxed look. Of course, I don’t often get this:

I think Crystal is a natural model. I don’t try to dictate expressions, so this is all her. It’s definitely one of my favorites!

I love the reactions to toasts:

I don’t think Martin was expecting this.

The first time she threw the bouquet, it got caught in the wreath.

Did I mention Crystal has some amazing blond hair?

Crystal and Martin, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your big day!

St. Sylvester’s Church Wedding | Emily and Bob » Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers | Birchtree Photography Blog - [...] This was my second time to photograph at this lovely church. Long time blog readers may recall Crystal and Martin’s wedding way back in [...]

Anonymous - What absolutely BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! I agree that Crystal is model material and I think she needs to pursue this! :)
The ring bearer is adorable as well…and I would say this even if I wasn't his mommy!
The bride and groom must be so pleased to have these treasured memories captured to perfection.


New Baby Seth

This story requires some rewinding. Last August, my good friends Rachel and Jeff got married, and I was privileged to photograph their wedding. Now, this was pre-blog days, so I’m going to share a wedding photo to introduce them:

You could not wipe the smile off Rachel’s face on her wedding day. She was radiant.

Now, fast forward a couple of months from the wedding, and Rachel and Jeff were very surprised to find out they were pregnant. Well, sure enough, nine months from their wedding they welcomed little Seth into the world last Saturday. We are so excited for them!

So, yesterday, Jay and I went to visit and get our first look at the cutie. Of course, I couldn’t leave my camera behind, so here a just a couple of pictures. I’ll give him a proper photo shoot later on. Isn’t he a sweetie?

He’s wearing the gloves because he scratches himself with his little fingernails.

Mom looks pretty good for not getting any sleep.

Dad got a buzzed haircut–I think Seth might have more hair than him now.