Caitlin and Sean | New Wilmington Wedding Photography

A couple of Saturdays ago Jay and I drove up to New Wilmington for Caitlin and Sean’s wedding. This was our first visit to the town, and we were both impressed by its simple charm. It’s just an hour from Pittsburgh, so if you’ve got an afternoon for a nice drive, you should definitely visit it.

As I met up with Caitlin and her bridesmaids at the salon, Caitlin explained to me that her favorite store is Anthropologie–which might have something to do with the exquisite details of her wedding day! And most everything was a do-it-yourself project…simply amazing.

Caitlin and Sean wed in her father’s backyard, with the sunlight fading softly through the trees. Then they celebrated with family and friends at the New Englander banquet hall in New Castle. All in all a beautiful day!

What a fun salon! (It’s Rebecca’s salon if you’re planning your wedding).

Can you believe Caitlin found this incredible dress on Craigslist?? (Well, she does live in NYC, so maybe that has something to do with it…)

I know I mentioned this yesterday, but Caitlin’s bridesmaid hand-made all of the “bouquets.” Simply incredible.

I think I’m going to start carrying a red barn with me to every wedding to get photos like this.


OK, this was my wacky idea.

Caitlin and Sean have the CUTEST little boy…

Didn’t I tell you he was cute??

Congratulations Caitlin and Sean!

Cheryl - Beautiful wedding and beautiful pictures to always remember this special day!

Georgie and Crystal - You ROCK Caitlin, Sean and Hayden! We LOVE you

Aunt Tammy - Beautiful Pictures Guys!!! We love you and are SO glad that we got to be part of it all! Who would have EVER thought that our old red barn would have looked SO good – only you Caity!

Anonymous - My cousin Cait made the most beautiful bride! SUch gorgeous photos and really well done!

Milla - Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Mary. I must say you totally rocked the wedding party photos. LOVE them!

Anonymous - Very nice Photos!
Congratulations to everyone from Sean & Caitlin, McCaskeys, Pratt's, Friends, and staff who made the production a huge success.
– Michael Rooney

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

I hope your Monday is going well. I photographed another lovely wedding in Pittsburgh on Saturday, and I’ve been working on editing photos today.

I just had to share this photo, though, from a wedding on September 5th in New Wilmington. I just LOVE the “bouquets” and the different dresses. More to come from this wedding!

Milla - This photo is BEAUTIFUL! I love your framing, and the bouquets and dresses are fabulous! Great job!

Remembering to be Thankful

As we remember the events that happened eight years ago, I’m sure we are all thankful for the many men and women who sacrifice so much for our safety and freedoms. I know I am.

But I’m also reminded to be thankful for the things closer to home–like my husband, Jay. What many of you may not know is that Jay comes with me to every wedding that I photograph. He’s my faithful assistant and second shooter. Yep. He second shoots. And he gets some pretty good shots, too, I might add. It’s such a blessing to get to work with the person I love the most–not to mention what a relief to not have to manage everything by myself!

So thank you, Jay, for all of your love and hard work!

He’s smiling here because he knows I’m taking his picture (man, is he good looking!).

Liz and Matt are Married | Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

While I am always excited for each of my couples on their wedding day, I was especially overjoyed last Friday for Liz and Matt, as they are also my good friends.

I mean, all that I’ve been hearing from Liz the last few months has been: “Three more months to go!” “60 days!” “One month!” “One week!” and finally, the DAY arrived for them! And what a beautiful day it was in Pittsburgh!

The girls started their morning at Keeley’s beauty salon in Penn Hills, then it was back to Liz’s sister’s house (whose wedding, by the way, I photographed in May) for lunch and makeup. Then Liz and Matt promised to love each other till-death-do-us-part at New Covenant Presbyterian Church in Monroeville. Afterward, we grabbed some shots at Monroeville Community Park before heading to Riverside Landing in Oakmont for the reception. The entire day was fun, fun, fun. So let’s see some photos!

Nothing like a friend to get you laughing–Liz’s hair stylist was Bethany, a good friend of both of ours. (I also shot Bethany’s wedding in 2007)

Liz’s sister is an expert when it comes to makeup.

Liz, you have got some gorgeous lashes!

Meanwhile, Matt’s just resting, all ready to go.

I love this shot that Jay captured.

This was my view.

Another great shot by Jay.

I think her expression says it all.

Liz, you are amazingly beautiful, gorgeous, hot, and all of the above!

And Matt, you’re pretty good looking, too! 🙂

Here I was trying to take a serious picture of Matt, and then the next thing I know he does this:

At the reception, both Liz’s sister and Matt’s brother gave excellent speeches.

Liz’s dad created a slideshow of Liz and Matt through the years…

First dance goodness.

I love, love, love this shot.

CONGRATULATIONS Liz and Matt! See you when you get back from your honeymoon!

Evelyn Santana - Congratulations again.The pictures are beautiful.Love you.

Anonymous - Nice composition on the one with her dad before the service. The way it looks "through" the bridesmaids is great.