Falkirk Wheel Etc. | UK Adventure Part IX

As I watched Glencoe slowly roll away from view out my passenger window, I felt the gray clouds matched my mood.

There’s always a bit of sadness on the last day of a good trip–but it’s also mixed with relief. There’s nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed with your own sheets to make returning home that much easier.

Our last day in Scotland proved to be a strange mixture of sights, with really nothing in common but the fact they were along our way back to Edinburgh.

The morning began with another tour of a local distillery–this one, though, seemed rather sad and had fallen on hard times.

We lunched in this quaint town. I think the tour bus had just pulled up before us.

Then we hopped out of the car for a photo only of Doune Castle, which Monty Python fans will recognize as the one used in the Holy Grail movie. There were loads (literally) of tourists here (trust me, they just moved out of view of my camera).
Doune Castle

Next up was Stirling. Again, we just went up to the castle but didn’t tour it. By this time we were castled out.

Sorry, these illustrations always amuse me.

And finally we came to the highlight of the day–and the title of this post.

Yes, it’s the Falkirk Wheel

If you read the wikipedia article, it will explain how this was built to replace several locks along the canal.
Falkirk Wheel

We were fortunate enough to get to watch it in action.

We made it back to Edinburgh.

This sign would be ideal for the college dorm room.

And lastly we celebrated Jay’s birthday–pub style.

Goodbye, dear Scotland.

Well, that’s all she wrote, folks. Hope you enjoyed viewing my travels!

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Nicole - Mary! I super enjoyed reading about your trip through your words and pictures!

It looks amazing and you are an amazing photographer!

love ya!

Kara - that's a pretty cool wheel

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer |Amy’s Bridal Portrait–Part II

A few weeks ago I posted a preview of Amy’s bridal portrait, but I couldn’t show you much. Well, this past Saturday Amy and Ian tied the knot, so I thought I’d share a few more from Amy’s shoot before I post their wedding photos.

Heinz Chapel was kind enough to let us borrow their building for a couple of shots.

I can’t get over Amy’s back–um, hot!

Amy had this photo displayed at the reception. Again, hot!

Wedding photos will be on their way soon…

Anonymous - Love the flip-flops in a wedding dress. Love it.

Jen and Zeb’s Wedding | 7/25/09

She peered into the hallway mirror, her blue eyes staring back. She carefully applied her eyeliner, makeup scattered on the table. How many times had she stood there getting ready for high school? Did she ever think about the day she’d stand there, applying her makeup for her wedding day? It was here. The day was finally here.

Jen and Zeb tied the knot at Holy Trinity Church in Robinson. After the ceremony they celebrated with family and friends at Quicksilver Golf Club in Midway. This was a beautiful location, with a lovely view of the course–and a great spot for photos, too!

Congratulations Jen and Zeb!

A healthy lunch to start the day–the girls had hoped those were cupcakes.


Zeb gave Jen the sweetest card with an obviously touching message.

Some guests were really mesmerized by the proceedings.

I love how Jen’s mom watches Zeb’s reaction when Jen walks down the aisle.

This fence reminded Jen of back home in Virginia.

The cattle pasture, too, was another favorite. Reminds me of Texas…

The girls wanted to do a “crazy” shot. This is what we got:

I tried getting the guys together for their group shot, but they were soon distracted by a poor ringbearer who just couldn’t wait to find a bathroom. The course is a fine of a place as any, he must of thought, for a quick break.

My favorite.

I love toasting.

And first dances..

Jen and Zeb put together a slideshow of their lives for guests.

This young boy just discovered what he had to do with the garter he caught.

Gettin’ down.

Last dance.

Maria and Gary | Wedding 7/24/09

They met in college. As her friends described her, she was the one thing that could distract Gary from his ambitions. But, as his friends said, she was the one person Gary was looking for to share his life with.

Gary and Mary celebrated their wedding in a beautiful ceremony at St. Sebastian Parish in Pittsburgh. After some fun photos on Mount Washington, they kicked it up at the fabulous Le Mont with dinner and dancing–lots of dancing.

These two flower girls were absolute dolls.

The bride and her brothers and father. Classic!

Maria’s smile is gorgeous! No wait, she’s just gorgeous all over! (and Gary’s quite the handsome, groom, too).

The bridal party was brave enough to try for a jump shot.

Maria’s father gave a really touching toast.

Gary is quite the dancer.

There was quite the scramble for the bouquet.

Congratulations Maria and Gary!

Kara - i love her dress 😉

rockstardown - Well done! These are great to see; it was a gorgeous wedding, and you did an incredible job capturing the essence of the celebration!

~Marty Abezetian