Kate and Alex | Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

Kate is a horse girl–she grew up hanging out at the barn, mucking stalls and sweating in spandex. A girl after my own heart, and I immediately liked her.

But really, I can’t see how anyone could not like Kate. She has an infectious smile and a sense of humor that will have you laughing within two minutes. I’m sure those are just a few of the many qualities that made Alex fall in love with her.

Last Saturday, Kate and Alex celebrated a beautiful wedding at the Grand Hall at the Priory in Pittsburgh. It was truly an international celebration, as friends and family flew in from places as far away as England and Germany. I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Priory’s hospitality and the lovely Pittsburgh welcome.

Um…Kate, you are GORGEOUS.

I wanted to jump up and down when I saw the beautiful natural light in this room. Sunlight makes things purty.

Love the hairpiece.

I love this shot of Kate and her mom.

The man of the hour–er, day.

This was the Priory Grand Hall set up before anyone arrived.

Kate definitely had a fun wedding party.

And their take on Abbey road…fitting, as Kate’s family is from England.

Oh no, she didn’t?

Oh yes, she DID!

Kate’s father gave a wonderful toast.

Followed by great speeches from the maid of honor and best man.

Kate danced with her father to a song he composed for her.

LOVE this.

And this.

Congratulations Kate and Alex!

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Brian - Kate & Alex!!!!!!!!

Katie - Kate & Alex!!!

Jennifer - Kat & Alex!

Nicole Mathews - ๐Ÿ™‚ Kate & Alex for sure

Nicole Mathews - ๐Ÿ™‚ Great pics of great people!! Love you

Lauren - YEA, Kate and Alex ๐Ÿ™‚

Jereme - yepyep

Jessica - Kate and Alex

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Happy Wednesday

One of Astin’s favorite things to do in life is this:

He will happily follow the sunlight around the room all morning. Of course, he doesn’t mind a good ear scratch every now and then, too.

“What are you looking at?”

“Can’t you just let me sleep??”

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday. Got any plans for the holiday weekend? I’m looking forward to photographing two weddings!

Helen Shaver - He’s cute, but no as cute as Ruddy.

Agnieszka - Haha. I love the last 2 shots!!! What an ADORABLE pupp! :o)

Old Economy Village and the Mattress Factory

So, you’re probably wondering what the title of this post means..

Well, last Wednesday Jay and I took the afternoon off to celebrate our anniversary. Being the general history nerds that he…er we are, we drove up to Ambridge to the site of the Harmonists’ Old Economy Village. The Harmonists were a religious group that fled persecution in Germany and came to Pennsylvania in early the 1800’s. From what I gathered, they functioned much like a communistic enclave but had capitalistic connections with the outside world. And they promoted celibacy (which, no surprise here, caused them to die out in the late 1800s). Sorry, just a bit weird in my opinion. Nonetheless, they were hard working folk, and they left some great buildings to explore.

Ok, history lesson is over. In the evening, Jay and I went to the Mattress Factory art museum on Pittsburgh’s North Side. I must say that this was one of the most fun art museums I’ve ever visited. It’s definitely off-the-wall and hands on. If you live in Pittsburgh and haven’t visited it yet, you should definitely see it.

Lastly, we dined at Bangkok Balcony in Squirrel Hill–yum!

Jay and I were definitely 20 years younger than the next person on the tour.

The Harmonists liked their wine and grew their own grapes on site. They still have some vines growing there.

Pretty amazing architecture for its time.

In the Mattress Factory museum.

And this was a 20 second exposure taken in a dark room where you are supposed to sit in for 15 minutes to see what is there. Hmm…interesting.

A crazy attack stapler.

All in all, a fun adventure.

Linda - I've been to Old Economy Village a couple times but I certainly didn't seen it like you captured it!! Wonderful!

I was surprised to read that the Harmonists had a love of wine…you would think that would have resulted in some posterity!!

Milla - Oohh very cool pics! I love the water coming out of the spout! And, we are also huge Thai fans! Can't wait to hang out Wednesday…

Rachel and Karl | Pittsburgh Wedding

For Rachel and Karl, one of the most important aspects of their wedding was their guests. Rachel explained to me before the wedding that she wanted a lot of pictures of people enjoying the reception, not shots of shoes or dresses. I believe that emphasis is just a reflection of Rachel and Karl’s genuine kindness and their caring personalities. Their wedding was truly a pleasure to photograph and a beautiful success in all regards.

Rachel and Karl exchanged vows at St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church in Greentree. After stopping at the West End Overlook for some photos, they joined their guests for an intimate reception at the very lovely Morning Glory Inn in Pittsburgh’s South Side. I can’t say enough about this charming venue–great atmosphere, unique location, wonderful people. If you’re planning a smaller reception, you should definitely check it out.

These two flower girls/attendants were a lot of fun!

What a gorgeous dress.

This shot was taken by Jay–I love the joy it captures.

Well, for not being too focused on details, I have to say this bouquet is pretty lovely!

Quite handsome.


Love those red shoes…

One of the things Rachel really wanted was a group shot of all their guests. What a fun idea!

Congratulations Rachel and Karl!

Tomi Larson - Rachel and Karl Anderson had a wedding we are all still talking about! Beautiful day, unique reception, fantastic food and happy couple.

Patrick Pike Photos - Beautiful work all around! You really captured the open air feeling to an outdoor wedding very well.

Agnieszka - Aw!!! What a wonderful set!! I love the mirror shot, and the portrait of the 2 of them at the railing ++ you got some aawesome candids! WOW!!