We made it!

Well we made it safe and sound to Durham yesterday without too much trouble. We flew into Edinburgh and then took the train to Martha and Ben’s little town. We’ve been having fun playing with Liam–he’s so big now–and hanging out with some of Martha and Ben’s good friends.

Today we’re off for York, and I’ll try to get a photo or two posted soon. I’m afraid this post is just plain boring. Oh well…

I’m Off to England and Scotland!

Yay! I’m so excited! I’m flying today to visit my sister in England and to take a little vacation around Scotland.

I haven’t seen my sister and brother-in-law and my sweet little nephew Liam since LAST JUNE! Ack! Liam’s grown so much, and I just can’t hardly wait to “squeeze the little bits out of ‘em,” as my mother would say.

To compare how much he’s grown, below is a photo I took of him last June (Jay’s in the background)…and check out recent ones on my sister’s blog.

Now, I’m going to try to post on here as often as I can, but I’m not making any guarantees for when that will be. I promise to give a full recount (with photos!) when I return. So, if you need to get in touch with me–email is best because I’m not taking my phone.

Leeanna and Jeff | Pittsburgh Engagement Photography

I must say I had fun, fun, fun shooting Leeanna and Jeff’s engagement photos in the Strip District of Pittsburgh yesterday. Or as Jeff used to call it–the fruit shards. Ok, Ok, inside joke not funny to everyone else.

Our original plan was to shoot on Wednesday, but as many of you know–we had quite the deluge (and supposedly a tornado warning) that day. So, I was glad when the sun finally came out, and we got some deliciously excellent photos I must say. Of course, this has a lot to do with Leeanna and Jeff being so carefree and “we’ll-do-what-you-ask-even-if-we-think-it’s-crazy” for me.

I just love my clients! I can’t hardly wait ’till their wedding in October.

Leeanna has the sweetest smile!

Uh, yes, this was my crazy idea–why do you ask?

Um, are you zeroing in on Jeff’s biceps, too? Or maybe Leeanna’s sweet smile again?

Beautiful eyes.

No parking, got it?

Yay for fun red brick.

Yeah, they’re gonna ask me to take this one down. But it’s so fun I had to share.

Thanks for being such sports!

Great Hall Pittsburgh Wedding | Leeanna and Jeff » Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers | Birchtree Photography Blog - […] can I say? After having a blast photographing Leeanna and Jeff’s engagement session in June, I knew their wedding would be super fun. I am absolutely in love with […]

Stutz - These are amazing! Right out of a magazine.

Phil - You too Leeanna!!!!

Kati - You look hot.

Milla - I love love love these! wow! They're so natural and cute. They'll be so pleased with these…

Karen and Ross | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Last Monday, I received a phone call from Karen–she was getting married that Friday and wanted to know if could I take some photos at their small wedding. Of course I could–I was honored she had chosen me, especially as she was coming all the way from Florida.

Karen and Ross chose to have a simple ceremony at Peters Creek Baptist Church with just the pastor and his wife present. It was fresh and pure, and I think it was just perfect for them. We managed to grab a couple of shots outside the church before they were off for lunch and the rest of their new life together. Congratulations Karen and Ross!

Karen is beautiful.

Carol - These photo's are just amazing! They absolutely capture the emotions that they both were feeling that day. I am so happy for Karen and Ross, they were meant to find each other.

Best wishes to my brother Ross and my new sister-in-law, Karen.
Love You,

Anonymous - Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with me. I felt like I was there! You touched my heart dear friends. Congratulations!!!!!!

Anonymous - Those are beautiful pics of Karen and Ross, indeed, Mr. and Mrs. Jantzi! Great photography!

Lord God you're faithful only your hand could bring two faithful, loving and wonderful people together like this. I praise you!


The Treasured LIfe Coach - Oh Mary, I'm sitting here in tears as I see for the first time the wedding photos you took of Ross and I. You captured the joy we felt in our hearts that day! These photos are a special gift to us and will be a beautiful reminder of the precious love only God could bless us with in each other. My prayer is that when others see your lovely photos, they will be inspired to believe in second chances and never give up on their dreams. We love you!

Mrs. Karen Jantzi (Yipee!!!)
A Treasured Woman