Boy oh Boy! (x2)

I haven’t heavily marketed myself as a Pittsburgh baby and children’s photographer, but I’ve been dying to start taking more portraits.

So, introducing the two cutest brothers you’ve ever met! (Ok, I’m a bit biased–they’re the children of good friends of mine, Julie and Eric). But, really, these kids are cute with a capital “C.”

Without further ado, introducing…

Luke–a.k.a. Big Older Brother

And Ben–a.k.a. The Baby

I just love the drool.

Ben loves his older brother.

Luke likes trains. (That’s grandma with him)

Mmmm…yummy feet!

Happy baby.

They weren’t keen on sitting together.

What can I say? Cute, cute cute.

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Lisa Piellusch - Great shots Mary!

David - Very good!

Lindsay - How cute!

Jill and Sean’s Pittsburgh Wedding–6/6/09

I am often impressed by my brides–their level of organization, their kindness, their love for their family and friends–but I was especially amazed at Jill’s thoughtfulness of her sister Leah a couple of Saturdays ago. Although it was Jill’s wedding day and she had every right to be the center of attention, she didn’t forget Leah, who sadly, could not attend Jill’s wedding because of an illness. She was definitely not forgotten by Jill.

Nonetheless, Jill and Sean had a fabulously fun day–complete with cute flower girls and a ring bearer. The ceremony was held at Whitehall Presbyterian in the South Hills–a cute old-fashioned church with some striking red doors. After the ceremony we swung by South Park, and then we were off to the reception for a full night of dancing and celebration. Congratulations you two!

Sad face for her sister Leah.

This is my favorite shot by Jay.

See? I told you there were cute flower girls.

I couldn’t resist–this little girl acted camera shy but I don’t think she really is.

Too cool for school.

A classic but a goody. Isn’t Jill absolutely beautiful?

Whoops! Where’s that cake going?

Jill was rocking the dance floor.

Sean wasn’t outdone, though.

Hanna - I vote for Jill and Sean!

Sean - I vote for Sean and Jill’s wedding!

Staci - I vote for Sean and Jill’s wedding!

Chuck - i vote sean and jill’s wedding

kim - I vote for my daughter and law and my son!

Mike - I vote for these guys

Jenelle Miller - Love the pics. Beautiful! You had so much fun. :)

Jeannine Blake - Beautiful pics

Michael - very nice, hope it felt as nice as it looks here

Chelsey - so beautiful!!

Megan - These pictures are beautiful!!

Lisa Piellusch - Looks like it was such a fun day. :) Nice captures.

Dog Accent for Pillow

Well, OK, not really. But it kind of looks like one at first glance. Actually, I’m not even sure what a dog accented pillow would look like–or if I’d want one.

I really wore Astin out yesterday when I took him on an hour-long run. Let’s just say someone wasn’t whining to go outside last night.

Stephanie and Greg’s Engagement Pictures

We had a brilliant plan. Saturday night, superb weather, great light, and an excellent location–Point Park. Everything was perfect–except that Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Arts Festival also thought it was a nice time and place.

Oh well, Stephanie and Greg were good sports, so we crossed the river and found some less crowded spots. After all, they had traveled all the way from Erie for this shoot, and they weren’t going to miss it.

Stephanie and Greg met in college, and casual meetings at parties slowly grew into friends, dating, and now engaged. And you know what? I love that kind of story! It’s real life and probably what happens to a lot of us–it certainly did me (I think Jay’s and my first date was the library–how romantic!). But back to Stephanie and Greg–these two are totally sweet together and very easy going. I had a lot of fun hanging out with them, and I’m looking forward to their wedding next year in July.

Greg’s a big Steeler’s Fan, so we meandered over to Heinz Field.

Stephanie has such lovely hair, and I really like how it’s highlighted in this photo.

You can’t beat Pittsburgh’s confluence for a view.

It was a bit windy.

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