Pittsburgh Wedding Photography | Jillian and Jeremy

Jillian and Jeremy celebrated the 4th of July in style, and what a fun wedding it was!

I met up with Jillian and her bridesmaid’s at her aunt’s house in Belle Vernon as they got ready. Then we headed over to the Orchard Christian Fellowship where Jillian and Jeremy exchanged vows. After a wild ride in the limo, the reception started with a bang (and mustaches!) at the Willow Room.

Jillian was absolutely gorgeous.

A little 4th flair.

We grabbed a shot of the girls before heading over to the church. I just loved their flowers!

Moral support.

Let’s get this show on the road!

Jeremy’s momma was happy.

And so were Jillian and Jeremy.

I loved, loved, loved Jillian’s pink shoes.

Didn’t I tell you she was gorgeous?

Not everyone was keen on partying.

But they planned a “grand” entrance.

The best man had everyone in stitches with his speech.

The dance floor was hopping.

Thank you Jillian and Jeremy for letting me be a part of your day. Congratulations!

Becky and Joe’s Engagement Photos

They met through a friend. She thought he was Spanish and cute. Turns out, Joe is only one of those things–and I’m sure you can guess which one that is (hint, he no habla espanol). No matter, Becky was smitten–and Joe likewise.

These two were so much fun to photograph last Thursday. We met up at Hartwood Acres, a familiar jaunt for myself but always a blast to shoot at. I still haven’t run out of ideas…yet.

As you will see from the photos, Becky and Joe are totally in love with each other–which makes my job so easy! I think Joe said he wasn’t good at taking photographs. Ha, I have to disagree!

These two will be tying the knot in August. I’m looking forward to it!

I loved the red shoes!

This ring was Joe’s grandmother’s–talk about special.

Sweet! A running picture.

This is definitely one of my favs–no posing, just a pure embrace.

I love old barns!

Melissa - Great pics! So glad I could bring you two together! Hahaha. Can't wait for the big day! :)

Agnieszka - Oh!!! What a wonderful set, Mary! I love how natural ("non-posy") they look. What a sweet looking couple & what a beautiful location for a shoot!!

Anonymous - I love them all…Becky you guys are soo cute!


Anonymous - SO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! H to the AM.


Durham–UK Adventure Part Three

You’ve probably heard of Oxford and Cambridge, the top two schools in England. But, what you may not know is that the University of Durham is the top third school. I sure hadn’t heard of it until Ben (my brother-in-law) applied and was accepted there last year. (Way to go Ben!) Needless to say, Durham has become something of a college town, though its history is rich and long.

Perhaps the most well-known Durham features are its castle and cathedral, both of which date from the 11th century. If you care to read more, I’m sure you’ll find this wikipedia article to your liking.

For now, more photos.

After our day in Wales, we drove all the way back to Durham and had a bit of rest. Liam was glad to finally be out of his car seat.

Sweet boy.

I didn’t prompt him to do this.

Martha’s “back yard”–they have a great view.

Then we walked to the city center and cathedral.

It’s a peculiar mix of old and new.

Pardon the angle of this picture–there was a big ugly tent they had set up for graduation on my left. This is the cathedral.

They wouldn’t let you take photos inside.

The castle–now part of the university.

One day, when I grow up I’m going to have a purple door on my house.

I could live here.

The towers of the cathedral are on the right.

Then it was back home and a game of patty cake.

The next morning, Jay and I headed back to the cathedral to climb the tower. Unfortunately, the notorious English weather we’d been avoiding decided to join us.

This courtyard was used in the Harry Potter films–it was the quadrangle for Hogwart’s. Sweet. More nerdiness.

And this was on the wall–can I say creepy?

When we got back, Liam had just woken up from a nap.

Arm rest?

And then it was time for Martha and Ben to take us to the train station for Edinburgh. I wish these were tears for us leaving, but I think Liam just didn’t want to get back into his car seat.

So I pretended to be a horse, and that cheered him up.

I miss this little fella.

Next stop…Edinburgh!

Kara - aw, such cute pictures of Liam. I like the black and white one of him pouting. Also, amazing cathedral.

Amy’s Bridal Portrait | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

“I’m not from around here.” Yes, most of you know I’m originally from Texas, and in Texas (and the South in general), one of the big traditions is to have a bridal portrait. Yes, a session where the bride dresses up in her wedding gown–usually sometime before the wedding–and has pictures taken. The photos are sometimes displayed at the reception venue. I, of course, had a bridal session–and that photo is still hanging in our room.

But things are different in “the North.” I haven’t found quite the demand for bridal portraits here–(but they’re so much fun–what are you waiting for?). Of course, we do have cookie tables…but that’s for another post.

Anyway, Amy is actually from the Pittsburgh area but has been living in “the South” for a couple of years and, hence, knows all about the bridal portrait craze. So, last Friday we met up around Heinz Chapel for her portrait. Now, Ian has not seen the dress, and I don’t want to give it all away. So, I can only share a few headshots and one teaser. Just sit tight and you’ll see more in a few weeks!

Can I just say gorgeous?

Amy’s actually holding up part of her dress here as her friends bustle her up.

Beautiful eyes.

Now Ian don’t look!

Anonymous - WOW! How beautiful! Thanks for the peek! Can't wait to see how lovely you'll be on the wedding day!

Agnieszka - Ohhh!!! How pretty. Love the one where she's laying on the ground, and the very last one, what a beauty. Beautiful series!

Kara - those silly northerners. yay for the south and traditions.