Crystal and Martin’s Hot Engagement Photos

On Friday evening I headed out to Monroeville Community Park for Crystal and Martin’s engagement shoot. Let’s just say it was hot! Seriously–the weather was perfect–it felt like July, not May. And Crystal and Martin were definitely sizzling, too (ok, not literally). The funny thing was that they told me they weren’t comfortable in front of the camera. Well, you certainly couldn’t tell that by the photos. They were great sports and were willing to try whatever I asked them. I’m looking forward to photographing their wedding in just a couple of weeks!

Rachel and Karl’s Engagement Session

Last Sunday I met up with Rachel and Karl at Duquesne University for their engagement pictures. I absolutely loved hearing their story. Rachel and Karl were both in pharmacy school together at Duquesne and shared almost every class (Rachel got to stare at the back of Karl’s head everyday!). However, it wasn’t until a couple years after they both graduated that Karl ran into Rachel again when he went in to grab some toothpaste at the Rite Aid she worked at. Well, you can guess the rest by the ring on her hand! Needless to say, Duequesne is a pretty special (and neat) place for both of them. I can’t wait to see the rest of their story unfold at their wedding in August.

I just loved her red shoes!

This is one of my favorites:

This was the funniest thing–a squirrel ran right up to us apparently looking for food. It must be fed a lot on campus!

Where it all started:

Rebekah and Jason Tie the Knot–5.1.09

This month started off with a great Pittsburgh wedding–Rebekah and Jason’s. I really enjoyed getting to see their whole day unfold. The morning started early (with rain!) and with hair appointments at Looks in Monroeville. Then we headed over to the Monroeville Mall for Rebekah’s makeup. I can honestly say she looks great without it–as the photos will show–but they also did a wonderful job at the Mac cosmetics counter.

Then it was time for a bite to eat at Subway before heading back to the house to gather dresses and shoes. By this time, we were glad to see the sky had cleared up a bit. Rebekah looked absolutely amazing in her wedding dress–it suited her perfectly. Jason was Mr. Calm and Collected. One of the fun things was that the flower girl and ring bearer were the two kiddos that Rebekah nanny’s–they did great and were so precious! After the ceremony at Beulah Presbyterian Church in Pen Hills, we had some time for a few group shots outside. Then we were off to the Four Points Sheraton in Greensburg for the reception, where Rebekah and Jason celebrated with family and friends.

Posed, but cute:

It was a bit windy:


Rebekah and her father were so sweet together:

Evelyn Santana - Congrats,on your wedding.Your pictures are beautiful.I wish you Rebekah & Jason the very best of luck in your future as husband & wife.Love you.Titi Evelyn

Monica and Robert Franceschini - Rebekah you look beautiful!

Monica Franceschini - Congrats, my beautiful cousin!!! I wish you and your husband many, many years of love and happiness!!! Love you guys! – Monica

Kate Skopp - Yay Jason and Rebekah!

My New Sibling…sort of…

Well, this has absolutely nothing to do with photography, but my mom just got a new puppy over the weekend. Now, I didn’t take this picture because my mom actually lives in Texas, but I had to share it because he’s so cute! Meet Ruddy the Swedish Vallhund:

And for good measure, here’s a photo of my “puppy” looking quite bemused: