Lindsay and James | Engagement Photos at Point Park

-Buy a bike.

It was on her to-do list. She was moving to a strange new town, and she promised herself she’d make an effort to get out and explore it.

She knew exactly what she wanted as she stepped through the doors of the local bike shop, eyeing the first row of wheels and rubber. And then he walked over to help her out, and she wasn’t so sure it was the bike she wanted anymore.

A test ride was in order, so she returned the next week. On a rainy day. While the water poured outside, their conversation flowed beyond spokes and pedals in the shop.

On April 5th, 2008 they took their first ride together. On April 5th, 2009, they took another bike ride–one of many they’d taken–and James asked Lindsay to be his wife.

I had so much fun last night with Lindsay and James taking their engagement photos in downtown Pittsburgh. I LOVED hearing their story of how they met, and I thought it was awesome that they brought their bikes along for the shoot. Although it was my first time to meet them, we actually have a connection through Lindsay’s brother, Eric. He’s the dad of these two cuties and a good friend of ours.

One of my favorites.

James really liked a photo he had seen that I had taken here before. I love the cobblestones, too.

Funny story behind the bare feet. Lindsay and James both live in Virginia. On their way up to Pittsburgh they realized they’d left their cycling cleats at home. Oh well, I actually like the bare foot look!

James owns and run Black Dog Bikes. They joked they should now change it to Barefoot Bikes.

Can’t wait to see you two again in November!

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Milla - MARY! So, so creative with the bikes and the fountain, etc. I love these. My two favorites are of them standing on the side of the fountain and of them riding their bikes with the sun coming through the trees. Great work.

Jen and Zeb on Mount Washington

It was girl’s night out for Jen, a Pittsburgh girl living in Virigina. And it was guy’s night out for Zeb when he looked across the bar and spotted her.

Fast forward a couple of years. Zeb steered his boat to a special spot–the place he and Jen had their first date on his boat. She wondered why he was stopping. And what was he digging for? What was he doing? She couldn’t hardly believe it–he was asking her to be his wife. The answer, obviously,was “YES!”

Last Thursday I met Jen and Zeb on Mount Washington to take some engagement photos. Their wedding was actually this past Saturday, so more to come from them.

Jen chose Mt. Washington because her parents were married at St. Mary of the Mount.

Nothing wrong with a man holding his lady’s purse.

After a while into the shoot, Zeb spotted a wall of rain heading our way. So, we had to cut things a bit short.

Andrea and Aaron’s Wedding | Waynesburg, PA

I don’t know if you can get much cuter than Andrea and Aaron hanging out together. But maybe if you add a white dress, some darling flower girls, a tux, and the family golf course you might be able to top it. In fact, I think they did.

Last Saturday I traveled down to Waynesburg where I met up with Andrea at the salon. She was all smiles and no worries–the perfect bride. Aaron himself looked pretty cool when he arrived at St. Ann Catholic Church.

After a sweet exchange of vows, we all headed over to Rohanna’s Golf Course and Restaurant. Andrea told me that once Aaron’s family saw this place, they’d understand why she and Aaron love hanging out in her home town. I would definitely agree! Everything was just beautiful.

Aaron helps his best man out.

I LOVE Andrea’s look in this photo.

Sweet, we found a barn behind the church.

My trusty second shooter, Lisa, drove while I shot (and clung to the sides of the cart for dear life!)

This is Andrea and Aaron’s “special pose”…

These girls are tough.

Andrea is GORGEOUS!

I love the details.

Things got a little out of hand.

Those girls better be ready to catch!

It became a game of volleyball with the decorations.

Congratulations Andrea and Aaron!

Andrea - You know, we still can’t get over the barn pictures! This past Sunday, we were walking out of church past the barn, and Aaron remarked again about how perfect those pictures are. Mary–you caught just the right amount of green grass and sky. You’d never know that barn was sitting in the middle of town right behind the church! It looks like the perfect country setting.

Valerie Phillips - You got some wonderful pictures of their beautiful day!

Sara Allen - They are just tooooo cute! I love the candids—they are so natural and sweet. They really show what a beautiful wedding it was!

Jana Franz - The most beautiful wedding.. you captured the sweetness of their relationship!!! Great Job!

Jeff Mueller - Great pics for Aaron and Andrea’s wedding. Hope you enjoyed the golf carts!

Darla Franz - You did a great job – Andrea & Aaron’s wedding was gorgeous and you captured it fantastically!

Glenda Adamson - These are awesome pics. Great job!

Milla - i LOVE the picture leaving the church with the bubbles! So great! You must have al servo down (I'm still learning!). Also, what a great barn. Beautiful job as usual Mary!

Picts, a Priory, and a Castle | UK Adventure Part V

After traversing Edinburgh, we piled into a rental car and headed up the East coast of Scotland towards Aberdeen. Along the way, we hopped out to explore some Pictish Stones, Restenneth Priory, and by far my favorite castle of the whole trip–Dunnottar Castle.

The first stop of the day was Restenneth Priory, a lovely little ruin tucked away in the middle of nowhere.

We happened to arrive on the one day a year local residents actually hold a Sunday service on the grounds.

An earlier workup of the classic smiley face.

Next up was another old (still working) church that had an 8th century Celtic cross. This was in Aberlemno Parish.

Their baptismal (in the corner) is from the 12th century.

Nearby were some Pictish stones.

And this lovely, green field.

Now we come to my favorite castle–Dunnottar. It’s everything you would imagine about a medieval fortress–on a peninsula, surrounded by crashing waves, glorious views, and moss covered rocks.

We were allowed to roam pretty much wherever we could.

Queen Mary of Scotland herself paid a visit to this castle in its heyday.

But most of its history is rather bloody and sad (I think that’s the way it goes for castles).

Above the fireplace–1648

Rocks, not eggs.

It was a pity it was such a misty day, though, I think it did add to the romanticism of the place.

Next up are a couple of castles and a distillery!

Amanda - Hey, I just came across your website from Milla Chappell's site. Milla has been one of my best friends for years. Anyway, I love your pictures! My husband and I leave for Scotland tomorrow and I can't believe I stumbled on your site. We are renting a car and doing our own thing as well. I'm so interested to see what others did while in Scotland.

Ashley Howard - I like that you posted that Mary Queen of Scots visited and then made a comment about how bloody the castle's history was otherwise! Those crazy monarchs… I am such a history nerd. I also love and appreciate the thistle picture at the end…such a great tribute to Scotland!