It’s just been one of those days…

..where it seems my computer hates me. Well, maybe it does. I’ve been processing Lizz and Derrick’s wedding photos (they’re coming soon, I promise!), and I’ve struggled to get my program to work correctly. The most frustrating thing, I think, about computer programs is not understanding what you did wrong in the first place. Fortunately, I think I finally figured it out and am back on track, but it’s been a difficult morning.

On a much pleasanter note, Jay and I have been very excited about the arrival to Pittsburgh of our church’s new pastor, John Tweeddale, and his family (Angela, his wife, and baby daughter Amelia). We’ve been without a pastor for over two years now, so were definitely excited to have them. Last week, John actually needed a photo ASAP for a book he worked on that is to be published soon. So, we went over to RPTS to find a nice background. And here is the end product. Not too bad, I’d say.

David D. - Hey, Mary, that's a great portrait. Was that all natural light?

JWW - “Betting” that is. I gotta learn to proof again – I actually used to proof as a part-time job!

JWW - Very nice shot of John. Of couuse all your stuff is excellent. Had a PG photographer here today for a possible article coming up in the PG East. I am very worried. Wish it had been you – I’m better you can even make chubby and homely somehow look OK.
Jack Wilson

Rain on your wedding day?

I’ve been thinking about rain this week, as two of my photo shoots had to be rescheduled due to the soggy weather. Personally, I like rainy days, and fortunately, engagement and portrait shoots can usually be postponed. But, you can’t postpone your wedding.

So, what should you do if it does rain on your wedding day? How can you still get nice photos?

Amazingly, none of the weddings I’ve shot this year have been totally rained out–but odds are, one wedding this year will be. However, that doesn’t mean your photos have to be a total wash out–no lame pun intended (actually, it was). The key is to plan ahead and to prepare yourself. Rain photos can be really fun.

First, take a look at the forecast (I know this is obvious). If it looks like even a hint of rain a week out from your wedding, purchase some large umbrellas for you and your wedding party. I recommend going with solid colors–white or black. Also, if you’re worried about getting your shoes wet, I would recommend buying some cheap flip flops–white, black, something simple.

As long as we don’t encounter a torrential downpour, we can get some neat photos outside in the rain. This, of course, depends on how much you want to risk getting a little wet. If you absolutely don’t want to risk any rain–then we won’t do any outside photos. We’ll find some nice spots inside your ceremony and reception locations. But, if you have an adventurous spirit, then I say bring on the rain!

These are from a bridal portrait shoot I did last summer. They were done post wedding, so the bride wasn’t too worried about her dress getting wet when it started to rain.

I heart Google

It’s true. Google has so many great ideas and tools to help you do everything from managing your email to running your business.

But, one of their most useful tools is one that I’ve only recently begun using. That’s Google Reader. I know, I know. For some of you regular bloggers, this is nothing new. My dear Sister told me about Google Reader a while back, but I guess I had just forgotten about it until a month or so ago.

Basically, instead of just “bookmarking” the blogs that you like to read and having to check back periodically to see if there’s any updates, you “subscribe” to the blogs you want. Google then brings you all the updates from your subscribed blogs to one central location. No more having to check blogs mindlessly for updates.

Example (from my friend Heather’s blog):

So how do you get this great service? All you need is a Google account–just sign up for free at Then you’ll see Reader is a service connected with your account. Hop on over to Reader and search for the blogs you want to read regularly. (ahem, Birchtree Photography):

My blog is the one with only 4(!!) subscribers. Now, I know there’s more than four people who read my blog regularly (the stats tell me so). So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Google Reader and subscribe to my blog. And thanks for reading!

martha - I’m one of your four. :-)