Happy Birthday Mommy!

I love my Mom–she’s the greatest. Though, growing up she always told us she was the “meanest mother in the whole wide world.” I think that was to counteract any of our complaints and whining about the rules.

Thanks Mom for all of the support you’ve given me my whole life. Have a great birthday!

Wedding Album Choices

So, I’ve done a lot of research over the last few months, and I’ve settled on an album company that I really like–both for their quality and their customer service. As I mentioned back in March, the company is Finao. I love, love, love their options. They’ve got a great selection of materials for covers, including many different colors and textures. And, they offer a wide variety of album types. Did I mention they are also made in the good ol’ USA?

I’ve already told you about the Guest Book, so now I’d like to introduce the Flush Mount Wedding Album. And by flush–I mean the photo is “flush” with the album page (maybe I need to come up with a better name?).

This is the crème de la crème of albums. It is custom designed to tell the entire story of your wedding day in a way that is uniquely yours. After the book is designed and approved by you, I have it printed by Finao on professional photo paper and bound in a hand-made album. Now, this isn’t magazine type paper–it is much sturdier, as you will see in the photos. All in all, I think this choice allows for the most freedom to artistically display your photos. I created this sample album from Mallory and Jord’s wedding.

I love the texture:

Crystal and Martin’s Hot Engagement Photos

On Friday evening I headed out to Monroeville Community Park for Crystal and Martin’s engagement shoot. Let’s just say it was hot! Seriously–the weather was perfect–it felt like July, not May. And Crystal and Martin were definitely sizzling, too (ok, not literally). The funny thing was that they told me they weren’t comfortable in front of the camera. Well, you certainly couldn’t tell that by the photos. They were great sports and were willing to try whatever I asked them. I’m looking forward to photographing their wedding in just a couple of weeks!