My New Sibling…sort of…

Well, this has absolutely nothing to do with photography, but my mom just got a new puppy over the weekend. Now, I didn’t take this picture because my mom actually lives in Texas, but I had to share it because he’s so cute! Meet Ruddy the Swedish Vallhund:

And for good measure, here’s a photo of my “puppy” looking quite bemused:

My Best Idea Yet?

Ever since I started shooting weddings and events I’ve struggled to find a good way to let everyone know where to find the photos once they’re uploaded. In the past, I would usually email the bride and groom or the main event planner, hoping they would share the link. At one time I did try printing up business-sized cards on plain card stock with the website link, but I often wondered how many of those slips of paper ended up in the garbage. I’ve seen other photographers distribute a sign-up list for people to write in the email addresses, but that just seems like a nightmare to me. Do I really have time to input a 100+ email addresses every wedding??

So, I had kind of given up, but was still frustrated when guests would ask me how they could see the photos. Well, a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a printing company when researching business card ideas–Moo. Yes, like a cow, and yet so much better. That’s when I saw their “mini moo” cards and was inspired with possibly my best idea yet…drum roll please…introducing my Share the Link Cards:

They’re the perfect size and thickness:

And on the back is the website link with password:

To top it off, they come in a sweet box:

So what do you think? As you can see, these are made with Ali and Andrew’s Engagement Photos. Just one more reason I encourage you to take advantage of the engagement session I include with every wedding package.

All that to say, I’m really pleased with Moo’s product, and I can’t wait to use these cards tomorrow at the wedding.

Now, I want to hear your thoughts!

Lisa Piellusch - I like it! Great idea. I have Moo business cards that I got to try out when they had a promo on for smugmug users and I love the quality. I think their quality and the mini’s fit nicely with your idea. :)

— Lisa P.

Mary Schwarz - Hi Arthur–you can actually view Moo’s prices here:

I think it’s a great deal for what you get–the product is top notch.

Arthur Scott - cost per hundred?? cost per thousand?? How many do you get and so on?? Enlighten us………..

Lizz, Derrick, and the Dogs

This past Saturday I also met up with Lizz and Derrick in Sewickly for their engagement shoot. Lizz’s mom lives on some nice land that was the perfect location. Add their puppy, and the picture was complete. As you can see, the photos have an entirely different feel than the ones I had taken earlier that day. The lighting plays a role in this, but I think I was also inspired by the surroundings. This is something to keep in mind when you’re planning your engagement shoot (or wedding for that matter). Choosing the time of day for the engagement session can almost be as important as the location. Obviously the weather is its own beast.

But back to Lizz and Derrick. We also discussed the details of their wedding, as it’s coming up in about three weeks. Their wedding is going to be held outside at the Zen Center in Sewickly–I think as they described it, it’s going to be a “formal picnic.” It should be fun!

Jenna + Dave + Point Park = Fun Engagement Photos

I am so excited because a couple of new products arrived in the mail yesterday, and I can’t hardly wait to tell you about them. But first things first…I’ll start with Jenna and Dave’s engagement photos (Rebekah and Jason’s wedding photos are on the way!).

This last Saturday morning I met up with Jenna and Dave, who drove in from New York, at Point State Park. Although it appeared a vast majority of the park was still cordoned off (for who knows what), we finally found a way into it and had some fun taking photos. One of the things I love about engagement sessions is the chance it gives me to get to know the couple a bit better. Things are always a little reserved at first, but by the end of the session everyone feels a lot more relaxed (and it shows in the photos). I’m really looking forward to Jenna and Dave’s wedding this July. They are such a neat couple, and their wedding should be a lot of fun.

What could I have done to deserve this look?

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