The In-Laws Come to Pittsburgh

I know I’m blessed to have such wonderful in-laws. That’s why I can never relate to “in-law” jokes. I actually love talking to my mother-in-law, Nancy on the phone.

That’s one of the things that first impressed me about Jay and his parents. They have a great relationship. No, they’re not clingy-have-to-call-my-son-everyday people, but they still keep in touch and care about what he’s doing. And they accepted me into their family with open arms. I couldn’t have asked for a better family to marry into. And for that, I know I’m blessed.

So last week when Jay’s parent’s came into town for a visit, we had a fun, fun time hanging out.

Like father, like son. Traveling wears you out. And Astin just likes to be where everyone else is.

They had never been to Fallingwater, so we drove out there on Tuesday for a tour.

We had lunch nearby at the Firefly Cafe.

Isn’t my mother-in-law beautiful?

The next day we went out to McConnells Mills and took a hike.

We found this nice water fall. Nancy’s taking a picture of it.

And then the hike kind of came to a dead end with the path going nowhere.

No worries. We walked back and explored the mill.

On Friday they flew back to San Antonio. Astin didn’t seem too concerned about them leaving.

We did a little “photo shoot” before they left. Yeah, those are bunny ears antenna in the back ground.

They’re fun people.

And still very much in love 34 years on.

Astin was still not worried.

Nancy’s eyes are amazing.

I love my mom-in-law!

I can’t wait to see them again…

Kara - I did not know that Fallingwater was near Pittsburgh. That's pretty cool.

Edinburgh | UK Adventure Part IV

After we bid Martha and Ben goodbye in Durham, we boarded the train to Edinburgh–the capital city of Scotland. As a side note, if you haven’t had a chance to read my previous posts, you can catch up by clicking the Travels link under categories.

One of the more distinctive attributes of Edinburgh is its clear delineation between the old town and the new town (wow, that was a lot of big words! See Momma? My college education wasn’t for naught). Basically the old town converges around the Royal Mile, with Edinburgh Castle at the top and Holyrood Palace a the other end. As time went on, people built up instead of out, as the geography was limiting. What once were open allies became “closes”–enclosed passageways.

Eventually, though, there just wasn’t enough building up they could do to meet demands. So, “New Town” was built and connected to the Old town by bridges and such. But enough with descriptions, let’s see some photos!

This was our view flying in on the plane (when we first arrived). Taken with my point and shoot camera.

Our first night we met up with our good friends Ken and Bethany (who live here in Pittsburgh).

Unfortunately, the good weather ended, and this was just a sign of things to come.

Royal Bank of Scotland.

Yeah, I’m a professional.

Crossing from New Town to the Old Town.

New College.

Through a close.

The castle.

Every fall they have this show called the Military Tattoo. Looks like they were already setting up and practicing.

And what castle wouldn’t be complete without naval guns that never fired from its walls?

Nothing like a man in a kilt to show you about.

I love the royal coat of arms–unicorns!

There were loads of tourists. Is that man wearing pajama bottoms?

Detail in the dining hall.

The roof was built by ship builders without the use of a single nail.

This was the best view I could get.

Ye Olde Prison.

Some American revolutionary soldiers were kept here. One left his mark on the door.

We lunched at Greyfriars Bobby’s Bar. There’s a great story about this dog who was so loyal to his policeman master that he slept on his grave for 12 years. He was Greyfriars Bobby’s dog.

Then we explored Greyfriars, which is a church/cemetery.

Where we discovered lots of creepiness.

Then it was off to John Knox’s church, the famous 16th century preacher.

We continued down the Royal Mile.

And happened upon a wedding. I had to snap a photo of the guest’s garb. Sweet!

This hideous building is the parliament.

The palace was closed due to a royal visit.

In the afternoon, Jay, Ken, and I hiked up the crags on Arthur’s Seat

This was definitely a high-light for me. It was beautiful!

It was a bit windy.

And then the fog really got thick.

There were lots of these slugs around.

We ended the night by grabbing some pub grub.

Stay tuned for our adventures as we head up the Scotland shoreline.

Pittsburgh Wedding Photography | Jillian and Jeremy

Jillian and Jeremy celebrated the 4th of July in style, and what a fun wedding it was!

I met up with Jillian and her bridesmaid’s at her aunt’s house in Belle Vernon as they got ready. Then we headed over to the Orchard Christian Fellowship where Jillian and Jeremy exchanged vows. After a wild ride in the limo, the reception started with a bang (and mustaches!) at the Willow Room.

Jillian was absolutely gorgeous.

A little 4th flair.

We grabbed a shot of the girls before heading over to the church. I just loved their flowers!

Moral support.

Let’s get this show on the road!

Jeremy’s momma was happy.

And so were Jillian and Jeremy.

I loved, loved, loved Jillian’s pink shoes.

Didn’t I tell you she was gorgeous?

Not everyone was keen on partying.

But they planned a “grand” entrance.

The best man had everyone in stitches with his speech.

The dance floor was hopping.

Thank you Jillian and Jeremy for letting me be a part of your day. Congratulations!

Becky and Joe’s Engagement Photos

They met through a friend. She thought he was Spanish and cute. Turns out, Joe is only one of those things–and I’m sure you can guess which one that is (hint, he no habla espanol). No matter, Becky was smitten–and Joe likewise.

These two were so much fun to photograph last Thursday. We met up at Hartwood Acres, a familiar jaunt for myself but always a blast to shoot at. I still haven’t run out of ideas…yet.

As you will see from the photos, Becky and Joe are totally in love with each other–which makes my job so easy! I think Joe said he wasn’t good at taking photographs. Ha, I have to disagree!

These two will be tying the knot in August. I’m looking forward to it!

I loved the red shoes!

This ring was Joe’s grandmother’s–talk about special.

Sweet! A running picture.

This is definitely one of my favs–no posing, just a pure embrace.

I love old barns!

Melissa - Great pics! So glad I could bring you two together! Hahaha. Can't wait for the big day! 🙂

Agnieszka - Oh!!! What a wonderful set, Mary! I love how natural ("non-posy") they look. What a sweet looking couple & what a beautiful location for a shoot!!

Anonymous - I love them all…Becky you guys are soo cute!


Anonymous - SO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! H to the AM.