DC Family Photography | Calder and Family

Maybe it’s because this little guy is about the same age as my little boy, or maybe it’s his pearly whites and drool, but I couldn’t stop thinking how stinkin’ cute he is.  It’s true, Calder is adorable.  I enjoyed chasing him around the leaves and taking photos of his family at the National Arboretum not too long ago.

I think you’ll enjoy these photos, too! Here are a few favorites from this DC family photo session.


National Arboretum Family Photos | The “S” Family

This has been a delightful fall in DC, with beautiful weather and lovely trees.  Add in some great families to photograph, and I’ve been having a wonderful time.

This is one of those families–full of joy, sweetness, and love. We recently met up at the National Arboretum to catch some lovely afternoon light with the leaves. Also, these two sisters…it can’t get any cuter!

Here are a few favorites from this session.


DC Fall Family Photos | Hope’s Family

I often have parents tell me “Every picture I try to take of my kid is blurry!” As a mother of two little ones, I totally get that. Fortunately, I have some experience taking photos of fast-moving subjects…and I love taking photos that parents wish they could have.

I recently photographed sweet (and busy!) Hope and her parents at the National Arboretum.  I love photographing kids this age because they haven’t learned how to smile on command yet…so every smile I do capture is genuine! And Hope has a beautiful smile!

Here are some of my favorites from this family session.


DC Senior Portrait | Ashli

While I mostly photograph little ones and their families, I do enjoy the occasional change of photographing a bit “older” subject.  It’s remarkably easy when they can sit still! 🙂 This last week I got to photograph Ashli for her senior photos on a most perfect fall day at the National Arboretum.

Taking time to document this exciting time in life is really special.  Having senior portraits is often the first time you have a photo session of just yourself! And I don’t need to write it because you can see it, but Ashli is a beautiful person…both inside and out. Here are just a few of my favorites from this session.