Pumpkin Patch Baby Photos | Harriet is 9 Months Old

This past weekend my sweet mother-in-law came into town to visit us…well, I think mainly she came to see Harriet. And who could blame her? Harriet is only too glad for the extra attention, and she’s just so cute right now–if I must say so myself. It was also my birthday, so I took advantage of the extra help and headed out to the local pumpkin patch (Queen Anne Farm) for some classic fall photos for Harriet.

Yes, I am officially one of those parents dragging their kid around a farm and plopping them in front of squashes for pictures. But hey, let’s admit it–kids and over-sized vegetables are cute. Besides, this also doubled as Harriet’s nine-month photo shoot, which is hard to believe is here already. As my mother-in-law says, the days may seem long at this stage, but the months and years fly by.

So I leave you with some cute baby photos. Enjoy the weekend!

Also, a side note…Harriet was Miss Fussypants when we first arrived at the farm, but after a tasty lunch she finally perked up. I bet you can see the difference in the photos. The rest of the pictures are bonus ones from Nana’s visit.

Emilie - I may be biased but I think pumpkins make for wonderful pictures and family outings. Glad to see she eventually enjoyed it.

The Pittsburgh Golf Club Wedding | Megan and Brian

On a beautiful day in September, Megan and Brian celebrated their marriage surrounded by family and friends at one of my favorite Pittsburgh wedding locations–the Pittsburgh Golf Club. Their day was filled with fun and memorable moments–including an instance when they almost saw each other before the planned first look. I enjoyed getting to capture the joy of their day in a city I love so dearly. A big congratulations to Megan and Brian.

Many thanks also to the wonderful Pamela who worked with me. Here are just a few of my favorite moments of Megan and Brian’s day.

Lindsay Miller - That last picture with the couple under the tree…. SO Beautiful! I love looking through your work, Mary!

Jose Cortés Cortejarena - Magnífico trabajo!!!!Enhorabuena!!!!

Denis Cherim - sweet pictures, and a strong compositions ;)

Dex - What lenses did you use for those pictures above Mary?

Milla - Wow, Mary! So many wonderful moments… and that close first-dance photo is absolutely STUNNING!! Great job!

An Anytime Session | Milla and Brad

“Congratulations!” A stranger passing by yells, ducking into the shadows of hanging nicknacks and touristy wares from the shop. I laugh at first because the couple I’m photographing aren’t taking photos on their wedding day or celebrating a recent engagement. In fact, they’ve been married for nine years. But the man doesn’t know that–he simply sees a couple in love.

And then I quickly realize that they of all people should be congratulated. You see, it’s one thing to get married–to make a commitment to love and faithfully care for another–it’s quite another to live that out. The former is full of excitement and anticipation, the latter is more staid and sometimes mundane. It’s all those in between moments that build the legacy of love in a marriage.

We often celebrate the milestones and highlights in life–but I think we should also recognize the sweetness of day-in, day-out devotion. That’s one reason why I so enjoyed photographing my friends Milla and Brad one afternoon a couple weeks ago when I was in Pittsburgh. It was an average afternoon–no fanfare or flowers–just a beautiful, ordinary day. And the dogs of course. You can’t forget Tuco and Turk!

Congratulations Milla and Brad. You deserve it.

Caryn - Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!

Milla - Mary thank you thank you thank you. You have such an amazing way of capturing things creatively and naturally. They feel just like “us” – so, thank you for your friendship and for once again providing us with amazing photos that I will cherish forever. Love!!

Sherry - HOLY COW! These are so amazing Mary! I absolutely LOVE them all! And Milla you look gorgeous, love the new hairdo! Really just WOW!!!

Maryland Family Photography | Priscilla is One

“P” is for Priscilla and for personality–because this little girl has a lot of it! I recently photographed Priscilla and her family in honor of her (parents) making it to one year. And believe me, this is definitely an event worth celebrating and documenting!

Until I had my own baby, I never realized just how much work they are! Now when I see other babies and children, I not only see a bundle of cuteness but also many, many long hours of care and love from their parents. In the midst of baby rearing, it’s easy to forget all the sweet little moments, especially because babies change and grow so quickly. And while you’re proud to see your baby growing up–a part of you wants to just hold and snuggle them forever as they are. So I hope these photos are a precious keepsake for Priscilla and her mom and dad. Congratulations to them all on Priscilla’s first birthday.

Here are just a few favorites from their day.